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Behind the Scenes Exclusive with Ola Jordan

Behind the Scenes with Ola Jordan

Miss B is overjoyed to welcome the gorgeous Ola Jordan, star of Strictly Come Dancing, as the new face of Boux Avenue. I joined Ola on the second day of her Spring Romance shoot to find out how she’s enjoying posing in her underwear, why she’s not as confident as you might think and the secret to always looking so glamorous…

Miss B: Hi Ola, how are you – how did the first day of shooting go?

Ola: Good, really good! I was a bit nervous, you know. I’ve never done an underwear shoot before; it was something very new for me, even though people say ‘you always wear those skimpy costumes on Strictly, so you must be ok?’ But it’s still underwear; it’s still a G-string and a bra!

What made you decide to do a lingerie shoot now and with Boux Avenue?

Well I love the underwear, it’s so nice, and it feels high quality – the stores and the underwear – in comparison to other shops.

We know you for your glamorous on-stage persona, is that a true reflection of you?

I’m quite a shy person, I think people see the other me on screen, which I think I’ve got a bit of both personalities to be fair. When I go on the dance floor or the stage I’m a totally different person than when I’m at home. I am quite shy…it’s strange for me to explain, on the dance floor another person comes out.

So what else gives you confidence, what makes you feel sexy?

When my husband says to me that I look good in something, that makes me feel confident. Nice, clothes and underwear – that makes you feel confident, when you have nice hair and makeup done, that makes you feel special.

Ola Lyla bra

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Would you say you were quite romantic at heart?

Yes I am quite romantic. My husband can be romantic if he wants to…

Has he ever bought you lingerie – how did he do?

I don’t know how other guys do, but James is pretty good! James notices things, when I buy new clothes or when I do my hair. I think it’s because he’s a dancer too he notices things that are different about me. He likes to go shopping sometimes with me, and he went to America last year and bought me lots of underwear – and they were pretty good sizes, so he did quite well actually!

What do you look for when you’re shopping for underwear?

I like pretty, I like girly…yeh I like pretty, girly stuff!

Tell me, how did you meet James?

Someone introduced us, obviously I was back in Poland  – I was a dancer in Poland – and James was a dancer here, and the dance world is quite small. I was a Polish champion and James was an English champion here, and I was looking for a partner and he was looking for a partner at the same time. He came to Poland to trial with me and I flew to England to dance with him, so that’s how it happened. So we started to dance together, then about a year later we got together.

So would you say there’s a link between dancing and passion?

Yes of course. You get very close when you’re dancing, so when the spark is there, when you like each other, then, yeh…(Ola smiles)

It accelerates it?

Yeh that’s it! Obviously with us as well, because we were competing together we travelled a lot together, staying in the same hotel rooms as well to save money – not to have two hotel rooms we would stay in one hotel room. So we just, you know… you get closer.

You say that you travel a lot, what do you miss the most when you’re away from home?

My bed! Peace and quiet, being at home. We live in the country in Kent, so I’ve got rabbits running around outside my window basically, it’s  quite peaceful and that’s what I miss when I’m away from home

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So, Miss B wants some gossip, what’s it like on Strictly Come Dancing, are you all very close?

Yeh, I would say so,

Who would you say you’re closest to?

Probably Flavia. Flavia’s my closest friend on Strictly, probably because we joined at the same time, the same year, so we became very close.

Is everyone very competitive?

Yes, everyone’s competitive. Everyone wants to win, everyone wants to look the best, yes it’s very competitive. Nothing to hide!

Who’s been your favourite dance partner on the show?

Oh, that’s very hard you know. I can’t think, ‘cause they’re going to get upset! I would say Chris Hollins would definitely be my favourite partner on Strictly, in many ways: his personality, the way we worked together and dancing habits as well, he was improving, but especially the personality, you know when you get on with someone?  And I would say Kenny Logan as well – he was a lovely, lovely person, we still keep in touch.

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 You always look so gorgeous and glamorous, how do you keep in shape?

I go to the gym, going to the gym for me is part of my job, I don’t necessarily love going to the gym, I prefer to be outdoors, but as part of my job I have to look good, I have to keep fit. Obviously I watch what I eat, definitely, I can’t say I’m one of the lucky ones who doesn’t watch what they eat and I can eat anything – I wish I could say that! There’s no magic pill, it’s hard work.

What’s your guilty pleasure? What can’t you resist?

[Ola thinks hard] Makeup artist: Chocolate?

I could live without chocolate, you know that?! I watch the Kardashians with my husband, I watch them just because I want to see what they wear and how their hair and makeup is done, ‘cause they’re always so glamorous, they’re always dressed up, so I watch for that really!

You always look so glam, you must be really into fashion and taking care of yourself?

Yeh I like fashion, I love makeup, I made my fifth bedroom into a dressing room. I said to my husband when I bought the house, ‘I’m making that bedroom into my dressing room!’ So I’ve got all the fitted cupboards done and a dressing table, and it’s my space and no-one’s allowed there, not even my husband.

It sounds like girl heaven?

Ola: It’s lovely, and everything’s so tidy, honestly if you go in my cupboard everything’s hung up nicely, isn’t it James (shouts over to James).

James: Yeh, flawless…!

So are we to take it that you’re very tidy?

I am tidy yes, I think it’s one of those things about me –  a bit OCD I think.  Not bad, but over the top maybe…

Can you tell us something that people don’t know about you? Something that would surprise us?

I’ve started to play golf?

Wow, that is a surprise, it makes a change from sequins and feathers. What made you start that?

Well, my husband. He loves playing golf and always goes out playing and he leaves me at home when he plays so then I go shopping, but then there’s only so much you can shop and spend money, right? So I had some lessons and I bought all the gear and everything. I just need to get into it ‘cause obviously it’s so cold right now outside I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it.

So how do you rate yourself?

Oh, I’m not very good! No, I’m not very good, but I could be good I think? I’ve been told I’m natural – I’ve got a good swing, so that’s a plus!

OK, back to lingerie. When it comes to underwear, what’s your favourite colour, what would you go for?

Pastel colours – lovely, white too, anything really!

Ola Georgia bra coral

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So, let us in on your darkest secret…Are you a glamorous nighty kind of girl or are you more into your comfy PJs?

Oh comfy PJs! My husband hates it, obviously. I have to sometimes make an effort to be more glamorous or sexy! But yeh, I love my PJs and I’ve got my very unsexy slippers at home, so I’m a PJs girl definitely.

What’s your favourite way to relax?

Go shopping! In the evenings I love a take away, a night in, I love watching movies just at home with James.

What’s your favourite movie?

Oh, there’s so many. Taken, PS I love you, Dirty Dancing, Gone with the Wind,

What would be your advice to girls, what’s your secret to inner confidence?

I think taking care of yourself, going to the gym and buying yourself nice things. I think you just have to be confident in your skin.

Miss B couldn’t have said it better herself.

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  1. avatar louise Gee says:

    I think Ola looks amazing! So naturally beautiful, and the underware looks so lovely im certainly going to be buying some of the items.

  2. Amazing!. The underware looks so lovely, I’m certainly going to be buying some.